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CDSP 7253: Techniques of Research & Evaluation: Deletion Syndromes

This guide is for TU's CDSP Techniques of Research & Evaluation class.

Generating Search Terms

  • 22q11
  • 22q11 deletion
  • 18q
  • 18q-syndrome
  • deletion syndrome
  • nasal
  • hypernasality
  • language
  • articulation
  • speech
  • craniofacial
  • facial


  • 22q11 AND speech
  • 22q11
    • When results appear, look on left column for Subject: Thesaurus Term and click on it to make the bar expand then click on PHENOTYPE to narrow the results.
  • 22q11 AND craniofacial
  • 18q-syndrome


  • 22q11
  • 18q


  • (22q11 deletion syndrome) AND hypernasality
  • (22q11 deletion syndrome) AND nasal
  • 18q AND craniofacial


  • 22q11 AND craniofacial AND hypernasal*
  • 18q deletion syndrome AND facial
  • 18q AND craniofacial AND nasal*


  • 22q11 deletion
  • 18q deletion