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McFarlin Library Classrooms

​The McFarlin Library classrooms are located on the second floor of the Technology Wing in McFarlin Library. Two 30-seat Windows computer classrooms, classroom A and classroom B, may be reserved by faculty and staff for academic use when individual computers for class attendees are needed. Each classroom also includes an instructor's computer, which connects to a projector for classroom demonstrations, and a networked printer. 

Priority is given to academic special or time-critical sessions, such as testing, followed by other types of academic sessions. The classrooms can be used by faculty and staff for non-academic special sessions, but only if the classrooms are not needed for academic use. During finals week each semester, both classrooms are reserved for final exams, and cannot be used for any other purpose without special consideration. These classrooms are not available for semester-long use as a classroom, nor are they available for recurring sessions, except in exceptional cases. Students may not schedule sessions in these classrooms.

Note: Food is not allowed in the classrooms, but drinks with lids are permitted.

Classroom Coordinator

Contact Janet Cairns for any questions regarding the classrooms.