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McFarlin Course and Textbook Reserves: Home

A guide to McFarlin's course and textbook reserves, how items are selected, policies, etc.

McFarlin Course and Textbook Reserves

McFarlin Course and Textbook Reserves are programs that increase student access to course materials at no cost to the student. Our Course Reserves program either allows faculty members to loan books from their personal collection to the library for student use, or to request that the library pull books from its own collection to set aside for a specific course or program.

Comparatively, the McFarlin Textbook Reserve program purchases required textbooks over $100 for all undergraduate classes so that students have equal and reliable access to course materials while on-campus.

McFarlin Library will circulate all Reserves for the Fall 2021 semester and will not quarantine items. Items will be sanitized between uses and immediately available for the next patron to use. 


Looking for something that your instructor has put on reserve?

  • Search the library's Course Reserves List.
    • You can search by course number or the instructor's last name.
    • If you know the exact title of the book, you can search for it in the Library Catalog.

Textbook Reserves List

  • Please note that this does not include every required text for every course. More information about the textbook reserves program can be found on the policy page.


Do you need to put something on Course Reserves? 

Request for McFarlin-owned materials to be placed on Course Reserves using this form.

Request for your personal items or non-library materials to be place on Course Reserves using this form.

Have any questions? Contact Tamra Stansfield at 918-631-3480.

McFarlin Library no longer accepts paper articles for Course Reserves. We recommend that faculty and staff contact the Faculty Resource Center to host these items in Harvey (Blackboard).