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Welcome to the McFarlin Instruction and Research Department!

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Information Literacy Instruction

Our Information Literacy instruction program helps library patrons scholarly/peer-reviewed and other resources to aid in research.  Our librarians provide virtual and in-person class instruction, tutorials, synchronous/asynchronous lessons, and how-to videos to help support research and instruction needs.

We also provide Personalized Research Assistance sessions for all students, faculty and staff. 


"When a student submits a paper to an instructor, the student takes responsibility for the information and stands behind the sources provided. Even students who are just starting out in their academic journey must get in the habit of documenting every fact, checking every source, and providing the correct works cited for their papers." ~ M. Kassorla

Kassorla, Michelle. “Teaching with GAI in Mind.” EDUCAUSE Review, 14 Dec. 2023,

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Educational Mission

The Department of Instruction and Research's primary objective is to support the information literacy needs of The University of Tulsa through classroom and online instruction, research assistance, campus-wide collaboration, and community outreach. 

Director of Instruction and Research

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Lisa Grimes
McFarlin Library
The University of Tulsa
2933 E. 6th St.
Tulsa, OK 74104-3123
(918) 631-5401