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CDSP 7253: Techniques of Research & Evaluation: Hyperlexia

This guide is for TU's CDSP Techniques of Research & Evaluation class.

Generating Search Terms



quality of life

reading comprehension

decoding (reading)

reading disabilities


Library Catalog of Books

I simply searched "reading disability" (sans quotation marks). Don't forget there are some e-books here.

Amazon has some hyperlexia books you may want to try to ILL (remember, it can take 7-10 business days to get a book so start requesting early).

TU Megasearch

TU Megasearch

This includes ALL EBSCOhost databases, so if you use this database you may not need to use the Multiple EBSCOhost Databases link on the Communication Disorders guide.

hyperlexia = 482

hyperlexia AND autism = 200

hyprlexia NOT autism = 158



I searched "hyperlexia" (sans quotation marks) to get to this article:

Is the Phonological Loop Responsible for Intelligence-Related Differences in Forward Digit Span?

Frances A. Conners, Michael D. Carr and Sandra Willis

I have no idea where i found this

Unknown Source

I found this thesis earlier today and now I don't remember how I got to it. I hope the above link works; if not, try accessing it while on campus. I'm saving a copy on my computer in case you just can't get to it, so email me if you can't get it.

Comprehension in Children with Hyperlexia. Lester, Michele L. 2003.

Don't forget to check out his reference list at the end of the paper!



hyperlexia = 4



hyperlexia = 58

hyperlexia AND autism = 26



REMEMBER: A green box to the left of the article information means we have full-text access in this database. A white box to the left of the article information means we do NOT have full-text access in this database - we may have full-text access in another database or in print at the library. Please double-check our Journal Titles page for additional methods of accessing the article before requesting an ILL.
ALSO: This database uses brackets instead of quotation marks to indicate searching a phrase (how clever of them).

hyperlexia = 168


Wiley InterScience

REMEMBER: Just because Wiley provides a pdf link does NOT mean McFarlin has full-text access to the article. If you click on the pdf link and Wiley prompts you to pay for the article, don't do it! Instead, get the name of the journal and date of the article, go to our Journal Titles page, search for the journal, and determine if we have a subscription to that journal for the date you need (don't forget to check the Print or Microform at TU Libraries link). If we don't have it, ILL the article.

hyperlexia = 140


ProQuest (including dissertations)

hyperlexia = 109

hyperlexia AND autism = 86



hyperlexia = 81

hyperlexia AND autism = 58