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CDSP 7253: Techniques of Research & Evaluation: Video Feedforward

This guide is for TU's CDSP Techniques of Research & Evaluation class.

Generating Search Terms

video feedforward



feedforward therapy

video therapy




family violence

abuse of women

domestic abuse

domestic abuse therapy

domestic violence

domestic violence prevention & control

violence against women

victims of family violence

intimate partner violence

battered women

ProQuest Theses & Dissertations

Proquest Dissertations & Theses


video AND feedforward AND therapy = 219

feedforward AND domestic violence = 22

feedforward AND (therapy OR psychotherapy) = 762

domestic abuse AND therapy AND feedforward = 17

"domestic abuse" AND therapy AND effectiveness = 768


This research may be of interest: The ‘Downside’ of Women Empowerment in India:
An Experimental Inquiry into the Role of Expectations
  (I found it during the feedforward AND domestic violence search)


Multiple EBSCOhost Databases


feedforward = 7168

feedforward AND therapy = 120

feedforward AND psychotherapy = 7

video AND feedforward = 41

domestic violence AND therapy = 2504


Accepting Parental Responsibility. This is based in Sociology; it may be useful - esp. check out the article that starts on pg. 19.


Wiley InterScience

REMEMBER: Just because Wiley provides a pdf link does NOT mean McFarlin has full-text access to the article. If you click on the pdf link and Wiley prompts you to pay for the article, don't do it! Instead, get the name of the journal and date of the article, go to our Journal Titles page, search for the journal, and determine if we have a subscription to that journal for the date you need (don't forget to check the Print or Microform at TU Libraries link). If we don't have it, ILL the article.


feedforward AND psychotherapy = 135

A Guide to the Literature on Aggressive Behavior



I usually check the Articles box under Limit To: Type:  I hate having to sort through book reviews and editorials, but you may also want to check the Pamphlet box depending on the type of research you desire.


Self-Efficacy: A Theoretical Analysis of Its Determinants and Malleability   This focuses on self-efficacy but if you can establish that video feedforward promotes self-efficacy, then perhaps you can branch out to self-efficacy literature.


An Organizational Learning Framework: From Intuition to Institution is management/leadership based, but you may find some good references that help define feed-forward. Near the top of the article, you should see a "View list of pages with search term(s)" link; click on that for a quick glance at how the article uses feed-forward and if it'll be of use to you.