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Government Documents & Information: Tulsa City & County

Information from the federal, state, local and international governments

Tulsa area governments

City of Tulsa

      Official site of the City of Tulsa municpal government

Office of the Mayor

Tulsa City Council   

      The University of Tulsa is in District 4.

Tulsa County


       A voluntary association of local and tribal governments in the Tulsa metropolitan area in northeast Oklahoma.  INCOG provides planning and coordination services to assist in creating solutions to local and regional challenges in such areas as land use, transportation, community and economic development, environmental quality, public safety, and services for older adults.

Creek County

Rogers County

Wagoner County

Washington County



Local Census Information

Census information for 

 Oklahoma First District

   Use the down arrows to Select a state - Oklahoma and to  Select a district - Congressional District 1.   Click on the icons across the top of the box to bring up data on population, housing, employment, education and income


Tulsa county

Creek County

Osage County

Rogers County

Wagoner County

Washington County