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History: A Guide to McFarlin Library Resources: Using WorldCat

A guide to online and print sources available through McFarlin Library


Hints for using WorldCat

WorldCat Search



WorldCat (AKA FirstSearch, OCLC)

 WorldCat is an international catalog of books, videos, serials, recorded books and music, maps, sheet music, digital objects, etc. This is the tool used by McFarlin Library to fill many of your InterLibrary Loan requests.

Some hints for using WorldCat effectively

Use the dropdown menu for other search categories

  •    Author phrase
  •    Corporate or Conference name
  •    Material type
  •    Notes and commenst
  •    Publisher/Publisher location
  •    Standard number: ISBN or ISSN
  •    Subject phrase
  •    Genre/form
  •    Geographic coverage
  •    Name Corporation or Conference

Investigate the other limiters to help reduce the chances of returning hundreds of results. Remember that not every record is coded as accurately as you might want it to be.


The subtype limits

  • Any audience -- juvenile or not juvenile
  • Any content -- fiction, nonfiction, biography, thesis, etc.
  • Any format -- large print, braille, microform, not microform, CD audio, etc.

Rank by: the default is for number of libraries owning the title. You can also choose to rank by date which puts the newest items on top.


Once you receive your search results, you have several limit methods to refine the search. See the limit button on the gray line.

Titles owned by both McFarlin Library and the Mabee Legal Information Center (AKA the law library) have a little icon by each entry.

If you find the perfect bibliographic citation but our logo isn't there, please click on the "Search for versions with the same title and author" link. We may have the title you want but from a different publisher or different printing year.