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History: A Guide to McFarlin Library Resources: Scholarly Journals

A guide to online and print sources available through McFarlin Library

Scholarly Journal Articles

Cover of the April 2007 issue of The American Historical Review

Scholarly journal articles are a vital secondary source of information for historical researchers. Articles are much shorter than books and focus in-depth on very specific topics.  Published by academic presses or associations and written by professional historians, they provide detailed information on the most current research and developments in the field.

You will often hear scholarly journals described as being "peer reviewed".  This means that when an author submits their article to a journal for publication it is first referred to a committee of experts in that field.  (These experts would be the author's professional peers, hence the term.) This committee carefully reads and studies the article, making sure that the research was properly done.  If they find possible errors in the article, it may be referred back to the author for further work and revision.  Only when the peer-review committee is satisfied that the article meets the journal's standards of scholarship will it be published.  If properly done, peer reviewed articles provide you with the most authoritative information available on your research topic.

Essential Journal Article Databases for History


Limit to "Peer Reviewed" articles only.

Save some time when searching a library database by limiting your search to articles published in academic/scholarly/peer-reviewed journals only.

More Journal Article Databases in History

The databases below may also provide access to scholarly historical research, depending on your specific topic.