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Department of Special Collections and University Archives


The following people are known to have been in charge of the Library at Henry Kendall College and the University of Tulsa over the years.

? -1915 Dorothea Quigley

1915 - 1916 Margaret Henry Librarian

1917 Alpha Blevins Librarian

1917 - 1918 Samual B. Pack and Otto C. Seymour Acting Librarians

1919 - 1920 Venetta Jones Acting Librarian

1920 - 1921 Bertha Woodhurst Librarian

1920 Lawrence S. McLeod Librarian

1923 Margaret Willson Librarian

1924 Lawrence S. McLeod Librarian

1926 - 1928 Gertrude Richards University Librarian

1928 - 1930 Mary D. Nettles Librarian

1930 - 1931 Edna M. Brown Acting Librarian

1931 - 1937 Mary Kathryn Armstrong Librarian

1937 - 1939 Elizabeth Hunt Head Librarian

1939 - 1943 Leta Sowder Head Librarian

1943 - 1968 Eugenia Maddox Head Librarian

1968 - 1981 Guy W. Logsdon Director of University Libraries

1981 - 1998 Robert Patterson Director of University Libraries

1998 - 2020 Francine Fisk Director of University Libraries (1998-2008); Associate Dean of McFarlin Library (2008-2020)

2007 - 2022 Adrian Alexander R.M. and Ida McFarlin Dean of the Library

2020 - 2022 Marc Carlson Director of Special Collections

2020 - 2021 April Schweikhard Director of Public Services

2020 Elizabeth Szkirpan Director of Bibliographic Services

2021 Jessica Conley Director of Public Services

2022 Melissa Kunz Associate Director of Special Collections and University Archives, and Interim Director of Special Collections and University Archives

2022 Dr. Robert Pickering Interim Dean of McFarlin Library

Librarians as Staff


Lucille Waldron


Samuel B. Pack

Otto C. Seymour


Bonnie Todd

Fern Antel

Emily Phelps

Bonnie Brown


Daisybelle Dunn

Letha Green

Doris Cook

Bradford A. Osborn

Caroline Nittinger

Mrs. Charles Johnson

Kathleen Burns

Margaret Patty

Mrs. Pate Baker

Janet Douglas

Mary Frazee

Jeanne Frost

Patricia Jeter

M. Faye McPherson

Barbara Alexander

Winifred Blair

1971 – 1974

Sue Akins Brashear

Mary Sue Dixon

Ruth Herrington

Hunter Miracle

Jim Murray

Margaret Patty

Doris Haynes

Jean Mackey

Beth Anne Freeman

Andra Lupardus

Steve Nobles

Josh Stroman

Mary Birmingham

Kathy Kane

Richard Kearns


Dorless M. Bash

Sue M. Brashear

Clark Thayer

Michael Blechner

David Farmer

Margaret Pethick

June Stremme

Mary Ann Farren

Melissa Atkinson

Dorothy Bailey

Kern Braswell

Mary Grant

1985 –1999

Jim Elkouri

Bob Anderl

Don Smith

Mary Hujsak

Francine Fisk

Melodie Sanders

Toby Murray

Paul Bobo

Dottie Wrigley

Susan Quinn

Caroline Swinson

Sid Huttner

Gary Hess

Lynne H. Kraus

Ann Blakely

Andrea Lupardus

Steve Nobles

Doris Haynes

Jean Mackey

Jane Mills

Beth Ann Freeman

Pamela Doherty Louderback

Pamela Scales

Robin Leech

Lori Curtis

Tom Biggs

Jeff Siddons

Jim Hoffman

Tom Messner

Rozanne Veeser

Marc Carlson

Gina Minks

Christy Ryan

Joan Ahrens

Jo Daniels

Tim Anderson

Charles Brooks

Nancy Henry

Tatiana Taylor

Hildy Benham

Rita Howell

Rose-Ellen Eckberg

Cynthia Montgomery

Mary Evans

Jim Pool

Tiffany Benson

Tamra Stansfield


Alison Greenlee

Michael Greenlee

Trevor Griles

Kay Calkins

Jennifer Donner

Melissa Kunz

Lisa Grimes

April Schweikhard

Elizabeth Szkirpan

Jessica Conley