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Citation Style Guides: ASME

Information, style sheets, MS Word templates, and links for MLA, APA, Chicago, IEEE, and more.


Established in 1880, The American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) is a global organization with over 100,000 members. It sets standards for mechanical engineering, provides training for engineers, publishes peer-reviewed books and journals in the field, offers public safety and quality certifications, and provides resources for engineering topics. Furthermore, ASME hosts events for members to network, train, and develop and provides a job board for those seeking a career in mechanical engineering.

ASME Page Formatting

When using ASME, the body of your paper should be in Times New Roman size 10, single spaced, in two columns with half inch margins on all sides. Section headers should be Arial size 10, as should the header of your paper. Speaking of your header, it should be right aligned at the top of your first page only. If any graphs or charts must be inserted in your paper, adjust the size so that they fit within the column width and do not go into the margins. 

Parenthetical Citations

Within the text of the paper, references should be cited in numerical order, in order of appearance. The number of the citation should be encased in brackets. In the case of two citations in the same bracket, the numbers should be in numerical order and separated out by commas like this: [3,4]. In the case of more than two references in a row, the numbers should be separated by a dash as such: [10-15]. If a source or any information disappears before 

References List

Each reference on your works cited page should be listed in numerical order, not alphabetical order. The number should be on the line with the rest of the citation, as opposed to a hanging indent. In terms of finer points within each reference, all authors should be listed, using initials for their first names, spelling out last names, and placing an “and” before the final author. Do not use the “vol.” abbreviation for journal volumes, merely a bolded number will do. Every important word of a title should be capitalized. For a page range, use pp. instead of a single p. If a source is found online, you should include URL at the end of your citation.


Saxby [1] argues…
[1] Saxby, G., 1996, Practical Holography, 2nd ed., Prentice Hall, New York, NY, Chap. 6.

McBride and Gordon [4] posit computers…
[4] McBride, B.J. and Gordon, S., 1996, “Computer Program for Calculation of   
Complex Chemical Equilibrium Compositions and Applications – II. Users
Manual and Program Description,” NASA Ref Publ. No. 1311, from

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