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McFarlin Library Instructional Services: Faculty Instruction request

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We know that you are very busy planning and getting ready to teach courses, so let us help streamline the research topic process! 

Librarians can work with Faculty, Adjunct Professors, and Graduate Students (TA's) to tailor library and information resources to specific courses and research needs.  We can also assist in creating assignments that pair with the resources that the library offers. 

To talk with a Librarian that can help come up with research/project topics that will fit your needs and pair with our library resources, email Lisa Grimes.

Please include:

  • Your name
  • Preferred Date
  • Course Title


To request a course-integrated Library Instruction Session or an in-class instruction session, please click the e-mail link below.

Please submit your request by sending the following information to this email:

  • Your Name                                                        
  • Course Title
  • Phone Number
  • Department
  • Preferred Date
  • Timeframe
  • Size of group
  • Comment:

Student Success Librarian

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