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Nursing: A Guide to McFarlin Library Resources: Tests & Measures

This Nursing Research Guide will introduce you to the sources available at McFarlin Library for conducting research in the Nursing and Allied Health field.

About Tests & Measures

The box to the right will help you identify and locate information on psychological tests and measures.  These are standardized instruments used by psychologists and other mental health professionals in assessment, diagnosis, research and education.  They may take the form of scales, inventories, questionnaires, etc. that measure behavior, needs, or knowledge of individuals or groups.  Finding information about a particular test is usually pretty easy.  Getting a copy of it may be more difficult.

Published and Unpublished Tests

Published psychological tests are those available for sale from a publisher.  You may only be able to get a copy of it by purchasing it. Some publishers will sell tests only to qualified researchers. The Mental Measurements Yearbook (aka Buros) is an excellent source of information about published tests.

Unpublished tests are not available from commercial publishers.  Sometimes the only source of information about them may come from journal articles or a Google search.  Getting a copy of the test may require contacting the person or research group that developed it.

For more information, consult the APA's Testing and Assessment site.

Psychological Tests and Measures

The resources listed below may be online or print: