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Documentary Studies: Finding Books

Summon Quick Search for Books

Where are the books shelved?

Most of the film studies books are located on the north end of the Main Level in McFarlin Library's west wing.

Books relating to cinema (and drama in general) have call numbers beginning with the letters "PN". The letters and numbers that follow indicate the specific subject area. For example:

PN1600-3307 Drama
  PN1993-1999   Motion pictures
    PN1993.5     History of film by country
      PN1993.5.U6       United States
    PN1994     General works on cinema
    PN1995     General special: film criticism, aesthetics, etc.
      PN1995.7       Pictures and sound
        PN1995.75         Silent film
        PN1995.9.A-Z         Special topics (not country-specific)
          PN1995.9.F54           Film noir
          PN1995.9.H6           Horror
          PN1995.9.M83           Music
    PN1996     Authorship, scenario writing, etc.
    PN1997-1997.85     Plays, scenarios, etc.
    PN1998     Biography
      PN1998.3.F45       Fellini, Federico
PN2287, PN2308, etc. Individual actors and actresses
  PN2287.G3   Clark Gable
  PN2598.L46   Vivien Leigh


Finding Books on Film Genres

The following are examples of Summon subject headings for books about films of various genres.

A film genre isn't its theme or topic, but there may be overlap.  

Books about Film Studies

The following books will be helpful in finding information about Film Studies.  

To check if McFarlin Library has these books in our collection, and to get the call number to find the book on the shelf, please use the Summon link on the right side of the page.

  • Film Analysis: a Casebook
  • Film Art: an Introduction
  • A Short Guide to Writing About Film
  • Cinema Studies: the Key Concepts
  • Companion to Film Theory
  • Cinema Year by Year 1894-2002
  • Dictionary of Film Terms
  • Dictionary of Film Studies 
  • Schirmer Encyclopedia of Film 
  • Encyclopedia of European Cinema
  • International Dictionary of Films and Filmmakers
  • International Film Guide
  • Oxford Guide to Film Studies 
  • Semiotics and documentary films: the living sign in the cinema (2013)
  • Visual peace: images, spectatorship. and the politics of violence (2013)
  • Animated realism: a behind the scenes look at the animated documentary genre (2012)
  • American documentary film: projecting the nation (2011)
  • Visual storytelling: the digital video documentary (2011)
  • Photographic memories: private pictures, public images, and American history (2007)

Look for More Books

Can't find what you need at McFarlin? Use these resources to locate books that may be available online or from other libraries. If you find a book you want:

  1. Check Summon to be sure McFarlin doesn't have it
  2. Then go to the Interlibrary Loan Department and request a copy