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Tulsa Teaching Fellows: Books

Where are the books?

Print Books: The area in which the print books are shelved (often called the bookstacks or stacks) is located in the West Wing of McFarlin Library.  All books are shelved according to call number, so you will need that number in order to locate the book.  It's easy to do once you learn how the call numbers work.  If you're new to the library or unsure of how to find the book you need, just ask at the research desk.

Bookstacks on the Main Level of McFarlin Library

E-books: McFarlin has a substantial collection of electronic books.  These are available online, 24/7.  You will need to be a currently enrolled student in order to check these out.  Many of these are on the EBSCOhost research database platform.  EBSCO has an entire website devoted to providing support for users of these ebooks.  Or you may contact the research desk if you need assistance.

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Can't find what you need at McFarlin?

Use these resources to locate books that may be available online or from other libraries.