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Business: A Guide to McFarlin Library Resources: Journal Articles

Finding Articles

Finding Articles

Journal articles are important in your research. You should use periodical indexes to identify current journal and newspaper articles published in the professional and scholarly literature on topics relevant to your research project.  Indexes can be subject-specific for in-depth research or can be more general in nature.

Current journal indexes are online, although a few older ones are in print. All indexes provide a citation, many provide an abstract, and a few provide the full text of the article.  If the article is not available in full text, you must use the journal titles list to find out if McFarlin Library subscribes to the journal that published the article you need. If McFarlin subscribes to the journal, note the location and format of the periodical.  Back issues of periodicals might be found as a hard copy, on microfilm, or online.   If McFarlin Library does not subscribe to the journal you need, you may request it through interlibrary loan.  

To find articles in business, search the following electronic indexes:

Google Scholar

Google Scholar Search

About Google Scholar

Google Scholar logo

Google Scholar is a version of the Google search engine that searches the web for scholarly publications (primarily articles and books).  The focus is on providing access to peer-reviewed journals that are available online from the publisher.  (Google Scholar cannot access proprietary databases such as those in EBSCOhost.)

Google provides links to the articles it finds, usually on the publisher's website.  You will be able to access the full text of the article if:

  1. the article is freely available (i.e. in the public domain or open access)
  2. McFarlin Library subscribes to the journal online and you are on the TU campus

You may not be able to access the full text through Scholar if:

  1. McFarlin Library does not subscribe to the journal online and it is not freely available
  2. McFarlin subscribes to the journal online and you are off-campus
  3. McFarlin has access to the journal online through a proprietary database (such as EBSCOhost, ProQuest, Gale, etc.)

Library Links

McFarlin participates in Google Scholar's "Library Links" feature which should link you to the full text of an article (if the library subscribes or has access through another database) or to the availability of a book at the library.

This works automatically if you're on campus.

To use this feature off campus you'll need to set up your Scholar preferences.

  • Search for the University of Tulsa to save it to your Google Scholar settings.

picture of Google Scholar's Library Links

 Here are some Google Scholar search tips.