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Institutional Subscriptions at the University of Tulsa: Washington Post

A guide to University-wide subscriptions offered by the University of Tulsa Libraries.

Institutional Access to Washington Post

The University of Tulsa's Washington Post subscription provides single sign-on access for on-campus users and a Washington Post login for off-campus users and for users who would like to access this resource 24/7. Once you set up a Washington Post login, your login will work on any device at any time and works on the Washington Post app. Our Washington Post subscription includes back issue access from 1877 to present. 

Please note that this subscriptions is specifically available for currently-enrolled University of Tulsa students, as well as current staff and faculty. Licenses for these subscriptions do not include access for former students, retirees, or alumni. After setting up a subscription to each site, you will be asked to confirm your University of Tulsa current affiliation via email confirmation and these sites will confirm your current University affiliation on an annual basis. 

Activate Your Digital Subscription to the Washington Post

Here's how to create your Washington Post account and enable your free Digital Subscription:

1. Visit The Washington Post website.

2. Click on Sign In in the upper right-hand corner.

Click on "Sign In"


3. Click on the "Sign up" link in the lower right hand corner to register a new account:

Click on "Sign Up"


4. Enter your TU email address and click "Next".

Enter your email address


5. Choose a password and click "Create account".

Choose a password and create your account


6. You'll now be redirected to the Washington Post website. Click on your name in the upper right-hand corner. This will result in a drop-down menu being displayed. Click "Account Settings".

Click on your name in the corner and select Account Settings from the drop-down


7. Make sure your email address is "Verified", if not, click “Unverified” to be sent a verification email.

8. Click on the "My subscriptions" tab.  Click "Activate free digital access".

Click on Activate Free Digital Access


Your subscription is now active and ready for use!

Your subscription is now set up!

Issues Accessing Washington Post

If you have issues accessing these links, setting up your account, or other concerns, please contact Charles Brooks, Electronic Resources Librarian, at 

This guide is incorporated from a separate Washington Post Digital Subscription Activation Guide containing identical information.