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The Washington Post Digital Subscription Activation Guide: Home

Directions on how to activate the free Digital Subscription to The Washington Post provided by McFarlin Library.

The Washington Post

Washington Post logo

McFarlin Library provides free Digital Subscription access to The Washington Post. Follow the steps below to activate your free subscription to enjoy unlimited access to The Washington Post online and on all apps.

(NOTE: If you already have a Washington Post account using your TU email address, sign in to it and proceed to step 3.)

Activate Your Digital Subscription to The Washington Post

Here's how to create your Washington Post account and enable your free Digital Subscription:

1. Visit The Washington Post website to sign up using your TU email address.

  • Enter your TU email address, then click in the check box next to the Terms of Service and click on Continue.
Graphic showing the Washington Post sign up screen.
  • On the screen that follows, choose a password and click on create an account.


2. On the next screen, click on Your Name in the upper right-hand corner. Click My Post.

Graphic showing the Washington Post subscribe screen.



3. Once you are in My Post, click Manage Account on the right-hand side.

Graphic showing the My Post screen with link to Washington Post account.


4. You will will now be on your account screen. Make sure your email address is Verified.  If not, click "Send verification email" to be sent to your TU email account.

Graphic showing how to send a verification email



5. Once you've received the verification email and responded, click on the Subscription and Billing tab.  Then click Activate free digital access.

Graphic showing the subscription and billing tab on the Washington Post account screen, with a button to activate the free digital account.



That's it!  You've done it!  Enjoy your free digital subscripton to The Washington Post.

Sign In Box

You may encounter a pop-up box like the one below or even banner ads.  Unfortunately, there is no ad free subscription access to remove banner ads when on a Site License such as McFarlin Library has. You can "X out" ads and you may just ignore buttons to Sign In or subscribe as subscription access is fully open as long as you're signed in to your account through the library.

box from Washington Post website

Click on the "X" in the right corner of the pop-up box (circled in red) to close this and other ads that pop up.