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Information about library fines and fees.

Lost/Damaged Materials

If a book, CD, DVD or other library item is damaged:

  • The Check Out supervisor will assess the damage.
  • If the damage is significant enough: 
    • You may be charged a nonrefundable fee.
    • Or, you may be asked to provide a replacement copy of the damaged material.

​​If a library item is lost:

  • You may be charged a fee. 
    • These fines can usually be waived if the material is found and returned BEFORE paying the bill.
    • Late fees for media and reserve items are nonrefundable.
  • Or, you may be asked to provide a replacement copy of the lost material.

Overdue Books & Media Items

You should receive a reminder in your email when an item is coming due, but if you should find yourself with something overdue:

  • Reserve materials: You will be charged a nonrefundable fine of $1/hr up to a maximum of $6.00 for late reserve items.
  • 1 day overdue: You'll get an email reminder to either return or renew the item(s).
  • 1 week after 1st notice: You'll get another email reminding you to either return or renew the item(s).
    • You can call the Library Service Desk if you'd like something renewed (918-631-2871).
  • 2 weeks after 2nd notice: If you have not returned or renewed the item(s), you will be mailed a bill listing charges for the unreturned materials.
  • After billing: Patron accounts (except faculty) will be blocked from checking out and using services like interlibrary loan until the materials have been returned or the bill has been paid.

I Received a Bill?

Keep in mind that receiving a bill means that an item is very overdue and that the library has already tried to make contact via email reminders.

  • Billed books: You will be charged for the replacement of the book.
    • This will either be the actual cost of the book or, if undetermined, a default of $100.
    • You will also be charged a $20 cataloging fee and a $5 billing fee.
  • Billed media: You will be charged for the replacement of the CD/DVD.
  • Reserve materials: You will be charged for the replacement of the material. 
    • Replacement cost of a reserve photocopy is $6.

What if I return the materials?

  • Generally, if a billed item has been returned then bill will be waived. However, you may still be charged a (MUCH smaller) late fee.

Paying Fines

At the end of each semester, all outstanding bills are sent to the Bursar's office and added to the patron's University account (including faculty).

The University collects these charges through various means; however, if the materials are returned within a reasonable period, in most cases (excluding media items), all bills are dropped and monies collected are refunded to the patron.

  • Fines and bills may be paid at the payment window in the first floor of McClure Hall during normal business hours or online
    • You must bring your receipt as proof of fine payment to the Library Service Desk before you will be allowed to resume your normal library privileges.