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Embedded Librarian

The Embedded Librarian model is a great fit when an instructor has a research project to do with their class or wants students to learn how to efficiently use library resources and research strategies. Bringing a librarian in to collaborate and help teach research methods to students in a quick, but clear way, helps to boost student confidence and improve access to the resources that they need to complete their assignment. I am also able to teach synchronous lessons, asynchronous lessons, meet one on one, and tailor videos to meet your instructional needs. 

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Individual Customization

If you are deciding on research/project topics for your upcoming classes, we can pair you with a Librarian that is familiar with your subject matter. We offer this service because sometimes it is hard to know what research materials are available on a specific subject, or if the materials available are written at a level that would best serve your students. For example: Freshmen are typically involved in the research process, looking at ideas, and connecting them in new ways - where as Graduate students are researching to find new and original topics where they are creating the material based on their own research and methodology.

How Does it Work

The Professor and the Librarian talk about the research project at least a week before the project start date. The sooner we can get together to discuss the project, the better. This gives the Librarian plenty of time to verify that there are ample sources available so that the research process is more productive for the students. This also maximizes the potential for the students to produce outstanding academic work. We would even be happy to get together with you before the semester starts to help with topic selection based on your needs and the range of the libraries resources. 

Direct Instruction:

1st Visit - This presentation is taught in the instructor's classroom.  The librarian will spend about 25-30 minutes discussing the Research Process, the Information Cycle, and various types of research resources.

2nd Visit - During this 25-30 minute visit the librarian will introduce Summon - the Library Catalog, and various databases that support the topic(s) being researched.

Hands-On Instruction:

3rd Visit - This session will take place in one of the iClass computer labs here at McFarlin. The librarian will use relevant research topics to demonstrate how to effectively navigate the databases. This presentation will last about 20 minutes, the students will be able to ask specific questions related to their projects, and then will have time in the lab to work on their research. The librarian will be available as students need help. 

Extended Research: After the initial three sessions, the professor can schedule more class time in the computer lab with the librarian, or the students can begin independent research outside of class time. They are still encouraged to Ask a Librarian for help if they need it. We are available by phone, email, text, and in-person. 

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