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Interlibrary Loan & Document Delivery: FAQ

Contact McFarlin ILL

ILL Email 

Amanda Ferguson

Terry Williams

Kathryn Thomas

Hannah Gibbs

Username/Password Issues

Help! I forgot my username/password?

If you forget your username and/or password, then please contact us ASAP. We can provide you with your username and easily reset your password. Just drop us an e-mail message or call us (631-3480 or 631-3497).

Each patron is allowed to have ONE active ILL account, so please do not register for a new ILL account.

Denied ILL Requests

Why was my request denied?

Have you received a notice that your request was denied?  We have listed some of the reasons for cancellation below:

 Do we own the item at McFarlin Library? 

Please check our catalog to see if we own the item in print, microform, electronically, etc. 

Why can’t I request a book that we own, but is checked out? 

ILL is for the purpose of borrowing items that we do not own from another library.  If we own the book, but it is checked out, then you will need to place either a hold or a recall on the book.

 Why can’t I borrow my textbooks through ILL?

We will not ILL textbooks or other required materials through ILL.  Most items borrowed through ILL can only be used for 2 to 4 weeks.  Textbooks and other required materials are generally needed for an entire semester. Also, universities often use the same textbooks for their courses and their students are given priority concerning materials at each university's library.

Why can’t I borrow books that are over 100 years old?

Many books that were printed over a century ago are shelved in the Special Collections department and they are in fragile condition and cannot be borrowed through ILL. 

I want to read the latest book by John Grisham, why can’t I borrow it through ILL?

We cannot borrow books and other materials that were published within the past year, in general. 

Also, we cannot borrow mass market popular books through ILL. 

Did you provide a full and accurate citation?

We must have a full and accurate citation for each item requested through ILL.  If we contact you regarding the citation, then we  might not have enough information or the information that you cited may be incorrect. 

Is your item a DVD/CD, standard or a musical score?

These items cannot be borrowed through ILL due to the fact that most libraries will not lend any of these items through ILL.  Tulsa City-County Library has a set of some standards that are available to be viewed in the library.

I need a thesis from XYZ University in England.  Why can’t I get it through ILL?

Theses and dissertations are generally only owned by the library at the university where the author earned their degree.  Some libraries will not lend theses or dissertations.  You should check the Proquest Dissertations database to see if it is available electronically. 

Also, we cannot borrow items through ILL that are held by libraries outside of the mainland U.S.

I want to borrow an electronic copy of “Gone with the Wind” through ILL and read it on my iPad.  Can I get e-books through ILL?

We cannot borrow electronic books through ILL.  They are licensed to a specific IP address and cannot be transferred electronically to a different library.

What if I have fines from McFarlin?

If you have been billed on your McFarlin Library account for lost or overdue library items, then you may be restricted to receiving articles ONLY. When your bill is cleared this should no longer be an issue. 

These are some of the most common reasons regarding why an ILL request was denied. 

Picking Up/Returning Materials

Where do I pick up and return materials?

How long does it take to obtain an item through ILL?

Books:  approximately 7 to 14 days

Articles:  approximately a few hours to several days.

Please allow sufficient time for items to arrive through ILL and request them as early as possible.  

How will I know when my item has arrived?

You will be notified by e-mail when an item has arrived through ILL.  

Where do i pick up items that I requested through ILL?

Articles will be posted in your ILLIAD account. Just log into the system and click on the link for “Electronically Delivered Items”.

Books can be picked up at the Library Service Desk next to the coffee shop.

Where do I go to return an ILL book? Can I drop it off in the Book Drop?

While it is preferred that ILL books be returned to the main desk inside of the library, there is an exterior book drop located on the south side of the library near the plaza. The interior book drop is located at the service desk in front of the coffee shop.

Library south side Library book drop

What are the hours for picking up or returning an ILL?

ILL books can be picked up at the Library Service Desk during regular library hours. Please return any ILL materials through the library book drop.

I can't make it to the library, will you bring my ILL books to me?

We are not currently offering book delivery services.