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Program Information

Each semester, McFarlin library offers information literacy and introduction to library resources sessions to classes across campus. To better understand the specific needs of incoming first-year students, McFarlin librarians surveyed 78% of TU's 627 first-year students enrolled in the First-Year Experience (FYE) 1001 course in September 2022 to assess their familiarity with library services, scholarly databases, and research abilities. In addition, students and faculty who engaged in library instruction sessions were assessed to determine the effectiveness of our programs and services.


The data obtained in the FYE Fall 2022 surveys highlights a drastic need for extensive Library Resources Sessions in FYE, and customized Information Literacy Sessions in English and multiple other disciplines across campus to support the university's mission to obtain R1 status.


Key takeaways from the survey include that 82.3% of first-year students stated they needed little to no help with print and online library resources. However, when asked about their experience with scholarly databases, 62.9% said they had no experience, and 68.9% had no formal library instruction in high school. This data shows that students have overestimated their skill level in regard to scholarly research, but after library instructions sessions, 82% of professors stated that their student's research skills improved. 

Library Instruction Literacy Program Stats

2018-2023 Library Instruction Impact Data

This incredible achievement was attained by: 

  • Networking with faculty and staff 

  • Creating curriculum for consistent and rigorous instruction 

  • Aligning instruction goals to Association of College & Research Libraries (ACRL) standards 

  • Creating meaningful assessments 

  • Modifying and pivoting to meet changing needs (pandemic, increased course load, double bookings, etc.) 

  • Training all McFarlin Librarians to help with the increased class load 

Feedback Statements


Faculty and Staff Feedback for Instruction Literacy Instruction - Fall 2022 Survey Results

Student Feedback for Instruction Literacy Instruction - Fall 2022 Survey Results

Project Outcome Post-Session Survey Results - All Programs Spring 2023

McFarlin Librarians surveyed program participants to collect data and insights on how library instruction could improve undergraduates' research skills and gave them greater confidence. 

Contacts for Instruction Sessions

Session Offerings:

Customized Tours and Introduction to Library Resources - 30 to 50 minute sessions

Embedded Librarian Program - 3 sessions, 30/30/50 minutes

Introduction to Databases and Scholarly Research - 30/30 or 50 minute sessions(s)

Personalized one-on-one research help sessions - 30 to 60 minutes (Click to schedule)

Virtual Instruction for online courses 

Other customized sessions as requested


If you would like to add library instruction sessions to your course, please contact:

Lisa Grimes, M. Ed, MLIS, MBA 

Director of Instruction and Research 

(918) 631-5401 

Faculty/Staff Satisfaction Stats

Faculty and Staff took an End of Semester survey. There was a mix of research instruction and library services overview sessions, which is reflected in the following stats:

  • 82% of professors responded that their student’s research skills improved. 

  • 55% of professors said they had an “Oh, Wow!” moment during the class session with a librarian. 

  • 45% of professors said they would like to attend an advanced information literacy session offered to faculty, 55% said, "maybe", depending on the sessions offered, and 0% said no. This was the first time that 100% of the professors said they were interested in an in-person/virtual advanced research session. The professors also gave us several topics they are interested in, including Scopus and Summon.

Personal Research Assistance (PRA) Stats

2022-23 PRA Sessions:

  • Faculty: 210 minutes (3.5 hours) 

  • Students: 3637.2 minutes* (60.6 hours) 

  • Total: 3847.2 minutes (64.1 hours) 

* Freshmen to Graduate Students

Personal Research Assistance Stats

*2019-20 only represents Spring 2020. There were no Personalized Research Assistance sessions in Fall 2019.

*The 2020-21 data is inflated due to the pandemic, as all instruction was moved online for Fall 2020. Most of these PRA sessions replaced in-class instruction, especially for the 3rd Embedded Librarian session for ENGL 1033. This data includes mandatory sessions, in addition to individual faculty/students that sought specialized research help.

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