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This LibGuide provides suggestions for research relating to topics covered in FS 1973: History of Written Language.

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Original Cherokee syllabary order
The original order of the Cherokee syllabary, invented by Sequoyah.
Note: The character in red (Ᏽ, mv) is now obsolete and does not exist in the modern language.

This guide is designed for the use of students in FS 1973: History of Written Language at The University of Tulsa. The purpose is to help you in getting started doing your library research using McFarlin's resources.

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For help in doing historical research in general, please consult the McFarlin Library History Research Guide.  It will provide you with suggestions for organizing your research, explain the difference between primary and secondary sources, and help in locating both types of sources that may be useful to you in this and other history-related classes.