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ANTH 2033/2031: Find Books

This Library Guide is for students enrolled in ANTH 2033/2031.

Look for More Books

Can't find what you need at McFarlin? Use these resources to locate books that may be available online or from other libraries. If you find a book you want:

  1. Check Encore to be sure McFarlin doesn't have it
  2. Then go to the Interlibrary Loan Department and request a copy

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Where are the Books?

Most of the circulating books (those you can check out and take home with your) are located on the Main Level and the south and west sides of the Intermediate Level in McFarlin Library's west wing.  This area is known as the bookstacks or stacks.

Libraries use classification systems to organize the books and DVDs on the shelves. Most public libraries (for example, the Tulsa City-County Library system) use the Dewey Decimal Classification System (DDC) and most academic libraries (including the TU Libraries) use the Library of Congress Classification System (LC). 

You may be more familiar with the Dewey Decimal system which uses only numbers to arrange materials on the shelves.  The LC system uses a combination of letters and numbers.  

These classification systems allow each book and DVD in the library to be assigned a unique call number.  A call number is like an address; it indicates where the book is located on the library shelves.

Every item record in Encore also includes a call number. When searching Encore, you want to be sure to jot down or print off the complete LC call number in order to locate the item on the shelf. 

If you haven’t narrowed down your topic for a research assignment but have a general subject in mind, you can also browse the shelves if you know the beginning Library of Congress classification letters for that subject (e.g., BF – Psychology books; L - Education; PS – American Literature; R – Medicine) 

For example, books related to the Health Sciences, including Medicine, Nursing and related topics, have call numbers beginning with the letter "R". The letters and numbers that follow indicate the specific subject area.

  • R: Medcine (General)
  • R131-684: History of MedicineMcFarlin bookstacks
  • RA: Public Aspects of Medicine
  • RA1001-1171: Forensic Medicine
  • RB: Pathology
  • RC: Internal Medicine
  • RD: Surgery
  • RD92-96: Wounds and injuries
  • RJ: Pediatrics
  • RM: Pharmacology
  • RM300-666: Drugs and their action
  • RT1-120: Nursing
  • RT89-120: Specialties in Nursing
  • RZ: Other systems of medicine
  • RZ201-265: Chiropractic

Please don't hesitate to ask a librarian if you need assistance in locating a book.

Adapted from Library Instruction - Package Two - 75 Minute Session by J. Sargeant Reynolds Community College Library.  Used with permission.