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ANTH 2033/2031: Home

This Library Guide is for students enrolled in ANTH 2033/2031.



Welcome to McFarlin Library. This library research guide will introduce you to some of the materials available from McFarlin that should help you in your research. It focuses on resources in McFarlin related to the field of Anthropology and Biology.

Credit Where It's Due

Some of the information in this LibGuide is adapted from LibGuides prepared by librarians at the J. Sargeant Reynolds Community College Library and is used with permission.  We are deeply grateful for their generosity and cooperation.


This McFarlin Library Research Guide (LibGuide) covers information to help you in doing research for ANTH 2033/2031.  To work your way through the LibGuide, simply select from the tabs above.  (Note that some tabs have drop-down options leading to additional information.  Others may open additional LibGuides.)

The topics covered include:

  • Library Services - What the library can do to help you in your classes & research
  • Constructing a Research paper
    • Search Basics
    • Boolean Searching
  • How to Find Books
    • Searching Encore (library catalog)
    • How to Find E-books
  • How to Find Articles
    • Popular vs. Scholarly Information
    • Library Databases vs. Google
  • How to Cite Your Sources (separate LibGuide)
  • McFarlin's list of Frequently Asked Questions
  • Glossary of library terms
  • Where to go when you need help


Library Tours

McFarlin Library Tours

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 Call Rita Howell at 631-2876 to schedule an individual tour.

Outreach Librarian

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Rita Howell
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