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TU Fitness Program: Home

Get the most current research, activities, recipes, and other helpful facts in getting Fit and Friendly.


Take your heart for a walk!  You could live longer!

Join the START! movement at

Walking is good medicine for your heart!


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The University of Tulsa promotes a culture that encourages physical activity and heart healthy practices. Some participants enrolled in the TU Fit-Friendly program have lost weight, increased their energy levels or just enjoy the free activities offered on campus.  This TU Fitness Program has garnered momentum and inspired some friendly competition among employees. Whatever the reason, getting steps is "DO-ABLE" every day by walking around your building, at home with friends or loved ones and even after work running errands.

This LibGuide is offered to assist our TU community in finding additional information about exercise, fitness, recipes and living a healthy lifestyle.  

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