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Oklahoma History: Oral Histories

Oklahoma history

Oral History in Oklahoma

Many libraries throughout Oklahoma have made an effort to interview people who have contributed to the unique character of our state. The collections have different levels of accessibility from in house use to transcripts to audio  There is a directory of Oral History Collections in Oklahoma but it is fairly dated. 

Voices of Oklahoma

        "Voices and stories of famous Oklahomans and ordinary citizens are captured forever in their own words. Oil and gas, ranching, politics, education and more are all visited in these far-ranging interviews." (audio)

Oklahoma State Oral History Research Program

        The ongoing OSU program includes a wide range of topics such as the Hugo circus tradition, centennial farm families, women in the Dust Bowl, the OKlahoma mesonet, Oklahoma Native artists, Oklahoma Women's Hall of Fame, Women of the legislature, etc. (transcripts)

University of Oklahoma

Bass Business 

       "A collection of interviews conducted from 1987 to the present by Professor Arthur G. Bedeian with individuals who have made a significant contribution to the history of business." (transcripts)

Doris Duke Collection   

         "Typescripts of interviews (1967 -1972) conducted with hundreds of Indians in Oklahoma regarding the histories and cultures of their respective   nations and tribes.  Members of every tribe resident in Oklahoma were interviewed" (transcripts)

Indian Pioneer Papers

          This  "collection ranges from 1861 to 1936. It includes typescripts of interviews conducted during the 1930s by government workers with thousands of Oklahomans regarding the settlement of Oklahoma and Indian territories, as well as the condition and conduct of life in the region." (transcripts)

Tulsa City County Library. Junior League of Tulsa Oral History Interviews

            "Conducted by the Junior League of Tulsa in the late 1970s and early 1980s, this oral history collection features discussions with pioneer Tulsans on medicine, lifestyles, architecture, government, business, education, journalism, and many other subjects regarding the early history of Tulsa. The audio for the collection is available online." Some interviews have been transcribed.