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Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP): A Guide to McFarlin Library Resources: Books and More

This guide is designed for the use of students taking courses for the DNP Program at The University of Tulsa. The purpose is to help you in getting started doing your library research using McFarlin's resources.

Location of Health Sciences Books

Most of the health sciences books are located on the south end of the Intermediate Level in McFarlin Library's west wing.

Health sciences books, including those on such topics as medicine, pathology, surgery, nursing, etc., have call numbers beginning with the letter "R". The letters and numbers that follow indicate the specific subject area. For example:

  • R: Medicine in general
  • RA1001-1171: Forensic medicine
  • RC: Internal medicine. Practice of medicine.
  • RC1200-1245: Sports medicine
  • RD: 92-96: Wounds and injuries
  • RT: Nursing

Please don't hesitate to visit the Research Desk if you need assistance in locating a book.

Summon Quick Search for Books

Look for More Books

Can't find what you need at McFarlin? Use these resources to locate books that may be available online or from other libraries. If you find a book you want:

  1. Check Summon to be sure McFarlin doesn't have it
  2. Then go to the Interlibrary Loan Department and request a copy