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PSY 4183 -- Topics in Personality: Forensic Psychology: Home


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Welcome to McFarlin Library.  This library research guide will introduce you to some of the materials available from McFarlin that should help you in your research for PSY 4183 - Topics in Personality: Forensic Psychology.  It focuses on resources in McFarlin related to the fields of psychology, mental health and the law.

Please note the tabs above:

Books and More: Search the library catalog (includes MLIC holdings).

Journal Articles: Tips on the best library databases to use in researching a forensic psychology/mental health topic.

Tests and Measures: Find out how to locate various psychological assessment tools.

Zotero: Learn more about TU's citation management software, available free to all TU students.

You might also wish to consult McFarlin Library's Research Guide to Psychology.  It will provide you with additional information and resources that may help with your research.

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Recent articles from Psychology, Public Policy, and Law

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Professional Associations

American Academy of Forensic Psychology 

       Organized for the purpose of contributing to the development and maintenance of forensic psychology as a specialized field of study, research and  practice

American Academy of Forensic Science

        Multi-disciplinary professional organization that provides leadership to advance science and its application to the legal system

American Academy of Psychiatry and the Law

         Organization of psychiatrists dedicated to excellence in practice, teaching, and research in forensic psychiatry

 American Psychology-Law Society

         A division of the APA which works  to advance the contributions of psychology to the understanding of law and legal institutions through basic and applied research; promote the education of psychologists in matters of law and the education of legal personnel in matters of psychology, including the appropriate use of psychologists in the legal system; and inform the psychological and legal communities and the general public of current research, educational and service activities in the field of psychology and law. 

Society for Police and Criminal Psychology

         The Society for Police and Criminal Psychology is an eclectic professional organization that encourages the scientific study of police and criminal psychology and the application of scientific knowledge to problems in criminal justice. It focuses on law enforcement, judicial, and corrections elements in criminal justice. Members of the Society study the full range of human behaviors, motivations, and actions within the framework of the criminal justice system.  Consequently, the Society encourages input from psychologists, social workers, psychiatrists, lawyers, police officers, corrections personnel, and other professionals concerned with the criminal justice system.