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FS 1973-07: 18th Century Capital Punishment: Home

Welcome to McFarlin Library!

Rev William Dodd being hanged at Tyburn
27 June 1777

This library research guide will introduce you to some of the materials available from McFarlin that should help you in your research for FS 1973-07: 18th Century Capital Punishment.  It focuses on how to critically evaluate the legitimacy of online information sources and provides access to credible library resources related to the field of historical research.

Please note the tabs above:

Is It Real?: Learn how to assess the credibility of a website.
Historical Sources: Specific Library resources available for researching related historical topics.
Zotero: Learn more about TU's citation management software, available free to all TU students.
Need More Help?: Who to contact for additional assistance with your research topic.

You might also wish to consult McFarlin Library's Research Guide to History.  It will provide you with additional information and resources that may help with your research.